Don't Go Broke Paying the Nursing Home!

After helping thousands of families since 1994 through nursing home decisions, I created this video course, to help more.

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Don't Go Broke Paying the Nursing Home - Course

How Californians can protect their homes, cash and retirement accounts from devastating nursing home costs.


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Don't Go Broke Paying the Nursing Home - BOOK

This book contains invaluable information on how Californians can protect their homes, cash and retirement accounts in a healthcare crisis. Many people are unprepared to deal with a stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, a fall or other long-term care crisis that requires a stay in a nursing home. With a nursing home costing $72,000 to over $400,000 (sub-acute care) a year, a person or family will go broke in a short period of time unless you know the little known techniques and strategies to qualifying for Medi-Cal to help pay the nursing home costs. Topics covered include living trust, Powers of Attorney, Medicare, Medi-Cal, long-term care insurance, IRAs, pensions, Social Security and more. This is a must read for Californians already in or soon to be in a nursing home.

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Karl Kim

Mr. Kim is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He is also certified in Long-Term Care planning (CLTC), a Medi-Cal Specialist, as well as a California Licensed Insurance Broker (#0810324), Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Principal, and Registered Representative. He works with Californians who are experiencing a health care crisis and also provides planning assistance to help individuals and families avoid the consequences of such a crisis in the future.

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